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Advice for users :
  • The user name must have at least 4 characters.
  • The password must have at least 4 characters.
  • The definition of the diseases wich are blue colored in the input screen may be obtained with a click on the name of the disease.
  • To help the input, some examples of values for a 45 cows herd are represented before each input field..
  • The user must fill the input field labelled with a * before.
  • The rules to input data are the one of the navigator you use. For example to switch to the next field, use preferably the tab key..
Use conditions:
  • To control access and memorize input data, this website use cookies wich are stored on your computer. Their life duration is about several months.
  • This website use javascripts too, for the control of the data consistency.
  • The data processing is done on a web server and is stored in a database.
  • This website have been tested with the last edition of the common navigators.
  • The calculation results have no legal validity. Despite the care we took, they are available only for the reserarch and without responsabililty about their accuracy. Contact us for any question.
  • If you use this application, you agree with all the conditions above.
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