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Health check of the dairy herd

Estimation of the economic losses associated with the main disease occurences in a dairy herd annual

Simulator design : Christine Fourichon, Henri Seegers, François Beaudeau et Nathalie Bareille

Pays de Loire UMR Oniris INRA BIOlogy, EPidemiology et Risk Analysis in animal health  
based on the results obtained in partnership with:
- les Contrôles Laitiers,
- les Groupements de Défense Sanitaire,
- le Groupement Technique Vétérinaire des Pays de la Loire


Veterinary practitinners, farm advisors, farmers.

Principle of operation

Data entry

  • Health situation : frequency of health and reproduction disorders
  • Technical characteristics of the farm
  • Price and economical values

Simulation results

  • Estimation of total economical losses of the health situation
  • Estimation of losses associated to each health disorder
  • Estimated losses (decreased output) do not include control costs (inputs from prevention and treatment). To estimate the total impact of health disorders, control costs should be added.


  • Calculation principles are described in the presentation and the bibliography available on line
  • It is possible to make several simulations for each farming in order to compare the observed situation with different expected situations.
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